Avoiding the Most Common Hair Loss Sufferer's Mistakes

As there are bad hair loss products, there are also bad hair loss patients, too. Obeying certain basic rules is necessary if you want your hair loss therapy to be successful. The first thing you should do before you start looking for a suitable hair loss treatment is to determine whether you are a hair loss patient at all and what type of hair loss you are suffering from. For male patients who have already lost a noticeable amount of their hair on the top and front of their head, it is easy to self-diagnose. But if you are suffering from diffuse hair loss or your hair loss began only recently, you need to go and see a dermatologist and have a miniaturisation test done. It would be senseless to treat a condition that does not exist. It is very common for hair loss sufferers to skip the doctor’s consultation while many others simply deny their condition. This often leads to hair loss progressing too far for it to be treated successfully. In order to re-grow lost hair you must have fine miniaturized hair left in your bald areas. Once your hair follicles have died and there is no baby hair left, no miracle can rejuvenate them.

After you have determined which type of hair loss you are suffering from, the journey can begin. Whether you intend to follow you doctor’s advice or be experimental, you must have realistic expectations. False hopes necessarily lead to frustration, no matter how effective the treatment is. Do not believe that there is a hair loss remedy that can re-grow all of your lost hair. You will be lucky to find a treatment to arrest your balding process and if you manage to re-grow a few hairs, take it as a bonus. Keep in mind that the ‘before and after’ pictures on promotional websites are forged. The best possible improvement one can expect from any treatment is to re-grow the hair you have lost in the previous three years.

Many patients fail to follow professional advice and use proven treatments and instead opt for allegedly safer alternative natural remedies, as they get scared off by the potential negative side effects of medicinal drugs. This is a common trick used by the marketers of hair loss scams - to spread stories exaggerating the harmful side-effects of medicinal drugs. They lure you into buying their own concoction, which is most likely a waste of your time and money. Starting with unproven remedies deprives you of the opportunity to test some of the best hair loss treatments available today.

The key to a successful treatment is, besides picking the right remedy, adherence to the prescribed daily regimen. Many people, in their impatience, fail to follow their doctor’s instructions and start experimenting with multiple treatments simultaneously. This often leads to them abandoning certain treatments before they have started producing results. Any hair loss treatment requires a minimum of four months to kick in and you should allow it at least six months to bring measurable results. Overdosing will not speed up or improve results.

And lastly, do not overreact to shedding. Shedding is a common occurrence in any effective hair restoration therapy. If you start a new treatment, such as Rogaine, you will first have to shed the old hair. Rogaine stimulates hair follicles, resulting in an increase in the thickness of your miniaturized hair. But this will not happen overnight. First, the old thin miniaturized hair must be shed, and then the hair follicles rearrange themselves in order to start producing thicker hair. Typically, the first sign that the treatment is working is accelerated hair loss.

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