Covering Bald Areas on Your Scalp

Hair loss can have different causes and forms. Hereditary hair loss is the most common type of baldness affecting more than one third of the male population and almost one quarter of females. This type of hair loss is characteristic of its horseshoe balding pattern in males. In addition to hereditary form of hair loss called male or female pattern baldness there are different other types of hair loss such as alopecia areata, which is the second most common form of baldness affecting about 2% of the population. Alopecia areata is often called patch baldness or spot baldness because of its characteristic patchy balding pattern and it is believed to be an autoimmune disease. And finally there are various other reasons why people lose their hair at some point in their lives such as hormonal changes, chemotherapy treatment, other diseases, etc but most of these conditions are reversible. Some forms of baldness can be treated with very good success and some not.

Hereditary hair loss is often difficult to treat and almost impossible to reverse, especially when the treatment starts after many years of balding. Alopecia areata is extremely unpredictable and even if you have managed to regrow your hair there is no guarantee that it will not be lost again a few years later. In such instances it seems more appropriate to mask your thin areas rather than hope for regrowth. Hair transplantation could be an elegant solution but it usually cannot be used in alopecia areta patients and in females suffering from diffuse form of hereditary hair loss. So in these instances it is hair systems such as full wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, toupees, etc that can only give you the impression of having full head of hair. There are various types of wigs, whereas their prices largely depend on the type of hair used, manufacturing technology and the foundation of the wig. The prices can vary between a few hundred and several thousand dollars.

For those who only require quick fixes for some special occasions hair loss concealers are the most suitable option. They can cover your thin areas in minutes and have become extremely resistant to external factors so that you do not need to be afraid of rain or wind. They also look very authentic if you choose the right shade and apply them correctly. Their major weakness is that they can only be applied to areas where there is some hair left as they thicken the existing hair, add some fiber to it and paint the scalp in order to make it less visible. Hair loss concealers can also be used daily and most of them even enable you to continue with your routine topical hair loss treatment.

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