Estimate Your Hair Surgery Cost

Many hair loss sufferers may be asking themselves how to estimate the cost of a potential hair transplant. This question does not have a straight answer unless you know the exact details related to the surgery. The biggest pricing factor obviously is a number of grafts you need and the cost per graft. The price per graft depends on the clinic that will perform the surgery and the surgical method that will be applied. From the two currently available hair transplantation methods - follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction the first one is less expensive but leaves you with a long scar at the back of the head. This method is mainly used in patients that are at a later stage of the balding process and need to cover relatively large bald areas. Its additional advantage is very high yield.

Follicular unit extraction is a more expensive technique as it consists in harvesting donor hair follicles one by one and, therefore, leaves behind practically no scars. Its major drawback, besides higher price, is lower yield as some harvested follicles can be cut through and die. When it comes to estimating the number of grafts needed, it obviously depends on how advanced your baldness is and what kind of cosmetic improvement you wish to achieve. Secondly, the number of hair grafts also depends on the quality of your donor hair. Positive factors that can save you money include such as your hair color being close to the color of your skin and your hair being thick and curly as these qualities help you produce satisfactory cosmetic results with lower number of grafts.

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