Hair Cloning: Human Trials Might Start in Two Years

Hair multiplication through cloning of new hair stem cells seems to be the most prospective future way of permanent hair replacement. The latest reports indicate that the first human trials could start as early as in two years. So far the whole clinical research has only been conducted on mice. Hair cloning consists in multiplying the hair follicle stem cells from the donor follicles taken from the back of one’s scalp and then injecting the mixture of such hair growth inducing stem cells in the bald area of the scalp.

The difficulty of such operation is its efficiency as at the moment one donor hair follicle produces only one or two new follicles, which is way too little. We would need at least 100 to make this method economically viable. Other future challenges include tasks such as producing new hair that has the right color, texture, thickness, curliness and grows in the right angle. Nonetheless, despite the aforementioned difficulties, hair multiplication appears to be the most promising method of permanent and natural hair replacement that is currently being researched.

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