Propecia or Finasteride?

Propecia happens to be the only FDA (the Food and Drug Administration in the US) approved pill for treating male pattern baldness at this point in time and it has been accepted as a hair loss treatment for male patients also in many other countries of the world. Finasteride happens to be the only active substance of Propecia. It is an antiandrogen drug originally used to treat prostate enlargement also called benign prostatic hyperplasia. It the 1990 finasteride’s hair growth promoting properties were discovered and later patented by is originator Merck under the brandname Propecia. Therefore, Propecia is also available in generic form as generic Propecia or simply finasteride. Finasteride has been produced for many years by a number of generic pharmaceuticals firms around the world and is available in 1mg form (which is exactly the dosage of Propecia) and 5mg form (like Proscar) for treating enlarged prostates.

Propecia is a prescription medicine. However, there are still many countries in the world where neither Propecia nor finasteride have been approved for treating hair loss and doctors have never heard of their beneficial hair growth promoting properties and, therefore, will never prescribe them to their patients. For such patients the only option is to buy finasteride online or Propecia if you like in one of many existing online pharmacies. In some of them you will need to deliver a copy of your prescription but in many others you do not need one and you only have to complete an online medical form. This solves the problem for many people who live in counties where they are unable to get a prescription. Then the question arises what you should buy, whether branded Propecia or generic finasteride. The answer is simple, both have the same properties, so if you want to spend less get yourself generic finasteride (generic Proscar/Propecia). A great advantage of buying generic Proscar 5mg is that you can cut its pills in five equal pieces containing 1mg of finasteride each and so manufacture your own generic hair loss pill Propecia at an extremely los cost. However, many consumers are afraid of fake copies of pills bought in online pharmacies. This happens but buying the branded form of medication is no guarantee for it being authentic. Branded products are much more expensive than their generic counterparts and therefore attract more fraud.

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