Stem Cells in Bald Scalp Are Not Gone

A recent research study conducted on hair transplant candidates proved that there is no difference in numbers and density of stem cells in the bald scalp when compared with normal hairy scalp. This gives hope to hair loss sufferers that these cells could be reactivated and start producing hair again. So far the only proven treatments that can do this in some patients to some limited extent are Propecia (generic finasteride) and as its name says Regaine (minoxidil).

Hair transplantation can only move hair and so the active stem cells around the scalp. However, there seems to be difference in abundance of progenitor cells between bald and normal scalps. This tells us that in the bald scalp stem cells are not activated into progenitor cells, which is the target cell, needed to produce hair. This finding may not sound too different from hair cloning where active stem cells from your own hairy scalp are injected into the bald scalp. But this would be a major short cut in this effort and could help increase effectiveness of such treatment.

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