What Makes Provillus the No.1 Hair Loss Treatment

If you are suffering from hair loss and ever tried to find some treatment using the web search you could not have passed by Provillus, claiming to be the No.1 hair loss treatment today. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most heavily promoted and, therefore, amongst the best selling hair loss products ever. It is said to be a natural version of Propecia (the only FDA approved pill for hair loss) but having no negative side effects because it is all natural. But is it really so much effective as to deserve its self-proclaimed No.1 position among currently available hair loss treatments?

The claim of its efficacy is mainly based on saw palmetto and a couple of other herbal extracts (such as nettle root, pumpkin seed oil, etc.) being held for natural substitutes to Propecia’s finasteride. The fact is, however, that neither saw palmetto nor any of the other herbs used has been subjected to any rigorous testing for treating hair loss and the claims of their effectiveness are largely based on assumptions. The same applies to their harmfulness as there are quite many consumers complaining about saw palmetto’s various negative side effects. Besides herbal extracts Provillus contains a couple of vital vitamins and minerals such as PABA, B6, biotin, zinc, magnesium, etc, which are needed for a healthy hair growth but can hardly help regrow hair in a person suffering from male or female pattern baldness.

Hence, it can be concluded that although Provillus is the most heavily promoted hair loss product and it might also be one of the best selling products, it may not be the most effective one. It could be a useful hair growth supplement pill but its high content of saw palmetto extract may sound discouraging due to its relatively unknown health safety profile.

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